26 jan 2018
Retail24 is the largest supplier of sales- and demo services to the retail and grocery business in the Nordics. This year we are celebrating our 15-year anniversary. The company has grown from the visions of founders Gisle Vikøyr and Gunnar Lindhjem Kristiansen, to a company with full coverage of the Nordic region and revenues reaching over 290 million NOK in 2017. The Anniversary will be celebrated together with customers, employees and business partners this weekend.

“It has been a very exciting journey since 2003. We started in Oslo with two employees. Our vision back then was to be a small supplier delivering higher quality, better availability, more flexibility and more cost efficient solutions versus our competitors. Today, we are the Nordic region’s largest supplier of sales and demo services to the retail with about 1350 employees covering all five countries. We have not kept our vision to be a small supplier. We hope our customers and staff can confirm that we have kept the other parts of our vision. The retail industry is constantly changing and innovation will be extremely important moving forward. We hope and believe that Retail24 will continue to grow and be an important and relevant supplier for next 15 years. We look forward to continuing our journey together with you.” 
Gisle Vikøyr, Founder, Group CEO

“The last 15 years has been an incredible journey, it is almost difficult to grasp the scope of it. All people and the positive energy that we have been surfing on through these years has been an experience that I can hardly describe. We have faith in our future and hope that the next 15 years shall be even more fun and full of new experiences for us all. We will do all we can to continue on that wave.” 
Gunnar Lindhjem Kristiansen, Founder, Nordic COO