Q&A Anders Walther

09 apr 2018

Anders Walther is our newly appointed Country Manager in Denmark.

What’s your role at Retail24?
I am positioned as Country Manager in Denmark and Nordic Director for the POS department.
What were you doing before Retail24?
I have been working as Sales Manager at The Walt Disney Company, Commercial Manager at Pan Vision (Nordic distribution company), a couple of years in the Music Industry and 10 years in Retail before that. 
What does a typical work day look like for you?
Well - I have to say, that there is basically no such thing as a “typical day” for me.
My job is very diverse, covering all from customer meetings and staff management to strategy planning/executing and concept developing together with our POS team.
What attracted you to work at Retail24?
Well – Actually a fun story.
When working for The Walt Disney Company – We used Retail24 for merchandising.
I was at a point invited to do a product presentation in Denmark and Norway, and after these presentations, I really experienced, what I later on learnedOne of the core definitions of working iRetail24 is The Great Culture! To be surrounded by colleagues, that both from a personal and professional point can inspire and motivate, is to me crucial.  
If the story of Retail24 was made into a film, who would play you?
Tricky question, but maybe Matt Damon. Besides the fact that I think he is a good actor, he has throughout many years shown a big diversity in the roles he has played. 
Do you have a motto for life?
In general, I try to embrace people and life in a positive and open-minded way. I always try to be optimistic and to focus on solutions.  
If you could try another profession for a day, what would it be?
I love music, so I have to say a guitarist in a rock band.
If you’re not working where can you usually be found?
At home with my girlfriend and our four kids, together with my friends or traveling around the world.