Q&A Nicolas Stavang

20 feb 2018

Nicolas Stavang is one of our team leaders in Denmark.

What’s your role at Retail24?
My role as a team leader with Retail24 is a variety of things, such as hiring and training our staff, motivating them and making sure they have all the materials needed for different assignments. 
I keep close contact and good relations with stores and help implementing changes to make everything running smooth in order to make sure everyone’s expectations are met.
I perform demos, merchandising, sales and office work.
What were you doing before Retail24?
Before Retail24 I have worked in a variety of different fields. From working as General Manager for a cleaning company, to working as a forwarder in a shipping & spedition company. I have many years experience in transport where I have worked as a courier, truck driver and as a taxi driver. I also have several years experience from different warehouses.
What does a typical work day look like for you?
I never have a typical work day. That is what makes my job so exciting and it never becomes boring. I combine office work with merchandise, sales and demo tasks in different stores, at the same time, being available to any employee in need of assistance.
Some days are spent driving long distances, visiting different stores and ensuring high quality from our staff, other days I have demos myself, where I am several hours in one store.
What attracted you to work at Retail24?
Answer: What attracted me the most about Retail24 was the diversity and the opportunity to work with some of the largest brands in the world. I also love the social part of the job. Being confined to an office or a warehouse all day was never for me. I love to move around and combine physical work with mental challenges and networking at the same time.
If the story of Retail24 was made into a film, who would play you?
(Mark Walberg (?), Leonardo Di Caprio (?), Superman (?))
Myself, because nobody does it like me J
Do you have a motto for life?
“If you are too big for a small job, you are too small for a big job”
“Anything is possible”
“Teamwork makes the dream work” J  
If you could try another profession for a day, what would it be?
Jetfighter pilot
If you’re not working where can you usually be found?
When I’m not working I try to go to the gym and spend some time with friends. I watch TV and enjoy making good food. I maintain my car and my home. Garden requires a lot of maintenance.